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I saw on Face book yesterday several comments about how much it should cost to diagnose a car. One comment said it should not cost anything. An other comment said it should cost $ 80.00. Some one was calling around because the were told that to diagnose there car the repair shop wanted to charge them $ 350.00. The thing I think that some people dont get it. Is what are they calling a Diagnose? It could be look under the hood and see something is broke. Could that be free?? I think it needs a professional advice on why something is broke. I recently had a washer repair man at my house for maybe 15 min. The charge from him was $100.00. I am Very happy to pay a man $100.00 his advise saved me a lot of hassle trying to fix something  that need to go to the dump. The point is you pay for what you get. Some diagnostics can involve the most experienced technician and the most expensive equipment to find the problem. They all deserve to get paid for all of there training an ... read more



How much does automotive maintenance really cost?

How much does automotive maintenance really cost?

**I found this article very informative and think it would be a very good read for customers who are debating maintenance and repair costs vs. replacing the car. How much does auto maintenance cost over time? by Nicholas Gerbis Wow. Is that "check engine" light on again? Didn't you just have that looked at? Come to think of it, your car is approaching that age, isn't it? A bit more grumble in the engine, a touch more sway in the suspension -- you hate to admit it, but every time you take old faithful into the shop, the same thought tickles the back of your brain: Is it time for a replacement? How much is too much to spend on repairs? It's a question we've all had to ask at one point or another. Perhaps it would help to have a basic sense of what auto maintenance typically costs over time. The average American household owns 1.9 vehicles and spends around 1.5 percent of its ann ... read more

Myths about Independent Repair Shops

Myths about Independent Repair Shops

Myths about Independent Repair Shops You've seen these myths portrayed in movies and t.v. shows. You've heard them via radio advertisements from other shops and dealerships. You may have even heard friends/family use these myths as explanations as to why the automotive industry is one of the most distrusted professions around. The myths have always been around and they are well known, but how much is known about the realities that debunk these myths? Myth #1 - Independent Repair shops want to rip you off.Reality - The automotive business has become more about building lasting relationships than just about repairing your vehicle. Most of those affiliated with the automotive business are good, honest and hardworking individuals who follow the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". They have no interest in stealing from their customers or defrauding them and work hard to avoid the repercussions of that type of appear ... read more

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